Moisture management testing turned on its head

Learn more about James Heal's unique moisture management test instrument, and how using both vertical and horizontal testing provides results that better reflect real-life wear conditions.

New advances in technology mean new more accurate ways of testing are possible. Learn how moisture management testing has changed, and request a live demo with the technical experts at James Heal.

Get the true picture

 WickView is the most advanced moisture management test instrument that offers both horizontal and vertical testing.

Vertical testing better reflects real-life wear conditions and is more representative of what happens within a fabric or garment during use. Results from both orientations can be combined to give a true picture of moisture wicking behaviour within a fabric. 


Unique features

The WickView has integrated cameras mounted either side of the test specimen that combined with integrated TestWise software, uniquely track and measure the multidirectional movement of moisture through a fabric on the skin and face sides.

The existing test method allows for measuring results simply using concentric circles to assess the spread of moisture, rather than the exact movement in multiple directions which is tracked by the WickView.


Test method

As WickView technology has advanced faster than the existing industry test standards, James Heal has created a test method and system of grading results to ensure systematic, accurate product testing in laboratories.

Now with the James Heal test method and grading system users can be confident that they are testing correctly to achieve the most realistic, accurate results.

Grading system

A wealth of data is available within the WickView software, from watching recordings of the live test on each side of the specimen through to the resulting graphs and tables showing the grades of performance across a range of parameters.

Intuitive features in the software allow users to easily identify and discount aspects that may skew results such as the effects of gravitational pull and run-off, to give the most precise results.

These results can be read individually or in different combinations within the software to suit the scope of the testing, enabling users to understand and interpret their meaning in the context of the textile being tested.

These factors combine to provide manufacturers and laboratories with a new concept, the ‘true wicking value’ of a fabric.

In summary, the WickView used in conjunction with the James Heal test method and grading system, is an accurate and repeatable way of conducting true to life moisture management testing. See for yourself by booking a demo by our technical team!

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